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Your ultimate beverage distribution partner in sunny Florida!​ Quality beverages and spirits delivered statewide. ​If you're ready to go into Florida's vibrant market, look no further than Refresh Beverage Company – your premier beer and wine distribution expert licensed exclusively within the captivating state of Florida. With our commitment to excellence and a passion for beverages, we're here to cater to your beverage and business needs.


Refresh Beverage Company operates as a beer and wine distribution firm, holding a valid license within the state of Florida. Our authorization enables us to furnish premium beverages including wine, beer and spirits to clientele exclusively situated within Florida. Furthermore, our licensing extends to product importation and registration within the state, facilitating seamless distribution processes.


Our mission is simple: to bring joy, refreshment, and satisfaction to every Floridian through the beverages we distribute. We strive to be more than distributors; we're curators of taste experiences, meticulously selecting products that resonate with the diverse palates of our community.


Licensed for Excellence

We're proudly licensed to distribute a wide array of quality beverages and spirits within Florida. Our compliance with state regulations ensures that you receive only the finest products, every time.

Product Registration 

Our expertise doesn't stop at distribution – we're licensed to bring in and register products within Florida. Seamlessly expand your beverage reach with us by your side.

Crafting Partnerships

We're not just a distribution company; we're your strategic partners. Whether you're a small batch artisan or a large-scale producer, we offer the perfect platform to showcase your beverage products across the state.

If you're looking to conquer the Florida market, we're your dedicated allies.

Let's work together to captivate the taste buds of the Sunshine State.



836 W. Desoto St, Clermont FL


Refresh Beverage Company 

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